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Frequently Asked Questions regarding our TV Box.


What is Digital TV Box?

Digital TV Box is a 3-in-1 product. You can watch digital TV, record and playback TV shows, and it’s also a Media Player.

Digital TV
Do I need an Antenna?
Yes, in order to receive the broadcast signals, an antenna is required. An indoor antenna is already provided for you in the box.

Can I use other types of antenna?
Yes, any indoor or outdoor type antennae can be used as long as it has both UHF and VHF reception.

Can I use my old indoor or outdoor antenna?
Yes. If you have an existing antenna, you can make use of it. However, If you had snow or ghosts in your analog reception previously, you will likely have problems with digital TV reception. Digital reception is all or nothing unlike analog where the signal would get snowy as signal level is reduced. Although when signal is right on the edge you may see freezes or blocking in video. If your old antenna is more than 3 years old, it would be preferable to change to a new one.
What channels can I watch?
So far, some of the channels you can watch are ABS-CBN, Sports+Action, GMA, GMA News TV, TV5, PTV, Hope, Beam, UNTV. More channel will definitely come soon.

Will there be more channels?
Yes, as we are transitioning from analog to digital, channels that are still broadcasting in analog should soon be switching to digital as well. Make sure to rescan your Digital TV Box to pick up new channels.

Do I have a monthly fee? / Is this Legal?
There is absolutely no monthly fee and it’s legal to use this box as it receives digital signals transmitted from various TV stations that are meant for free-to-air broadcast, just like the traditional analog broadcast, except it’s digital.

Can I just buy one box and connect to several TVs?
No, the box is designed for use with one TV only.

What do I need to record TV shows?
You will need a USB storage device - flash drive or external hard disk drive with enough free storage space.

How do I record TV shows?
Recording TV shows can be done in one of the following ways:
Press the Record button to record the channel you are currently watching.
Make a scheduled recording – specify the Channel, Date, Start and End Time of your desired show.
Use EPG (Electronic Program Guide) to instantly schedule a recording based on the show you selected.

Can I watch TV another channel while recording?
You can only watch another channel if they are broadcasting in the same frequency. For example, you can watch ABS-CBN SD while recording Sport+Action SD since they have share the same frequency.

Media Player
Can I use HDMI cable with this unit?
Yes, an HDMI cable (not included) is actually recommended to get the best possible picture quality especially when watching high definition programs but connecting an HDMI cable will not improve signal reception.

How long will the total recording time be?
The recording time will depend on the free space you have on your storage device. For SD (Standard Definition - 480p) recordings, it’s approximately 1GB per hour. For HD (High Definition 1080p) recordings, it could go as high as 6GB per hour.

Are the TV channels in HD?
Although this box can receive HD channels, but it would also depend if the TV networks are broadcasting them in HD as free-to-air signals. Currently, there are a few channels that broadcasts in HD quality.

Can I pause live TV?
Yes, as long as you have enough free space on your USB storage.

Why can I pause live TV, how does it work?
While watching a TV show, when you press the PAUSE button on your remote, the box will start recording to the USB storage device and pause your show, you are now in Timeshift mode. Press PLAY button to resume, you can now REWIND (up to when you start recording) or FAST FORWARD commercials (up to where the live TV is).

Will my scheduled recording start when the unit is off
When you press the Power off button on the remote control, the unit goes into Standby mode (the light turns red), in this mode, the recording will still start as scheduled.
When the unit is ON, and the recording is about to start, the unit will switch it to the scheduled recording channel, unless cancelled by the user.
The unit will not record if the unit is unplugged or the USB storage device is full. The TV can be OFF or ON during recording.

Can I connect my cable TV to the Digital TV Box and record cable tv shows?
No, this unit can only record and receive TV signals from free-to-air broadcast.

What types of media can I play?
You can play Music, Photos and Videos on this box.

Which Media Formats are playable?
Music - MP3, WAV, OGG, M4A, FLAC, AAC

Photos – JPG, BMP, PNG

Videos – AVI, MKV, MP4, MPEG, FLV,

I set a scheduled recording but it didn’t record, why?
If it did not record at all, some of the possible causes might be that there is a power interruption during the scheduled recording time, or the power of the unit was unplugged during that time or the USB strorage is full.
If a different program was recorded, make sure that the date and time are set properly and also the correct channel was selected.

Why are there no channels or some channels are missing?
If you have already autoscanned the box and no channels was received, that means the reception in the current location is weak, to improve signal reception, please consider the following factors that affect the reception of the unit below:
Antenna Type - the type of antenna used; if you are near the broadcast source, and indoor antenna (provided) might be sufficient, an outdoor should be used if you are far from the source. An antenna capable of receiving UHF and VHF signal is recommended.
Antenna Position – placing an indoor antenna near the window might help increase signal, use an antenna extension cable if needed. Outdoor antenna should preferably be placed at higher positions such as rooftop. Trees, hills, and large buildings will block digital signals, so your antenna should be up high and placed on a sturdy mast to allow for a line-of-sight signal reception
Distance - how far are you from the broadcast source.
Interference – placing your antenna near power lines power lines may disrupt signal. Placing your indoor antenna near electronic devices can prevent you from getting the best signal
Weather – inclement weather may disrupt digital signals.
Rescan for channels - this process automatically looks for new signals that you may now be able to receive. It may be necessary to do this any time you move your antenna or when a new TV channel started broadcasting.